Attention, Apes! A.P.E. Outpost Zaius will go live Saturday, May 25, 2013 @ 8:00 AM -- somewhere in the north side of Busse Woods.
What is Operation A.P.E.?
Continuing the A.P.E. Outposts
What is an A.P.E. Outpost?
An A.P.E. Outpost is an out-of-the-way spot for A.P.E. explorers to congregate between missions. Unlike the Operation A.P.E. missions, the A.P.E. Outposts are designed to be a bit more relaxing. There's no problem solving and the coordinates take you directly to the location. The A.P.E. High Command is opening its final outpost with A.P.E. Outpost Zaius in Busse Woods. The first five A.P.E. explorers to visit the Outpost will be able to claim this souvenir button. But hurry because A.P.E. Outpost Zaius opens Saturday morning, May 25 @ 8:00 AM in Busse Woods and you don't want to miss out.
Visit A.P.E. Outpost Zaius at GCXXX.
Operation A.P.E. is an advance primate expedition to the past. Using technology unwittingly delivered to our time from stranded ANSA astronauts, our ape scientists were able to reverse-engineer the phenomenon known as the Hasslein Curve and devised a means to harness it for time travel.

The purpose of Operation A.P.E. is to gather knowledge of the early 21st century and return it to our ape future. Operation A.P.E. is comprised of 12 missions that span the course of one year. These missions are detailed on what was once known as the Internet (a primitive form of knowledge sharing). We will use a specific web site to reveal each mission: Our human liaison will release the missions one per month through the year 2012. The missions will remain active past 2012 in the event we need to send back additional ape explorers.

Each mission requires some problem solving to find the mission capsule (known in the 21st century as a cache). This necessity is to prevent the humans of that time finding the capsule. Some inprepid humans will make the attempt. It is imperative that you make it to the capsule prior to any human and retrieve the information contained within.

These missions must be accomplished in complete secrecy. It is of vital importance that you are not discovery searching for or in possession of the capsule. Apes are considered entertainment in that time and your discovery will alert the authorities. You must not be captured! Remember the three primary tenets of the mission: Be cautious. Be safe. Be invisible.

It is also critical that these missions be accomplished quickly. To incent our ape explorers to complete these missions with haste, the first ape to discover each capsule will receive a special honor while the first five apes to discover each cache will receive a special Operation A.P.E. button commemorating the find.

Each mission capsule will contain Operation A.P.E. field guides in case you are rerouted to a different mission in the series. The field guide contains a list of all the missions and you can use it to record clues which will lead you to the final capsule. Each capsule will also contain a traveller (what the humans of this time called a travel bug). It can be set out into the field to attract other ape explorers.

Keep an eye on this page as it will reveal when upcoming missions will become active giving you an edge over your fellow explorers.

Active Missions

Mission 1: Splashdown (GC3CR9H) - Released February 25, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorer: DinaWorks on the First-To-Find!

Mission 2: The Forbidden Zone (GC3CR9T) - Released March 17, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: TeamAlexAbby, DinaWorks, IrishCubsFan, and Wheels00 on the First-To-Find!

Mission 3: The Sacred Scrolls (GC3CR9W) - Released April 7, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: DinaWorks, IrishCubsFan, Wheels00, and Darth Leviosa on the First-To-Find!

Mission 4: ANSA(GC3CRA0) - Released May 19, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: DinaWorks, IrishCubsFan, Wheels00, Darth Leviosa, BehmSquad, scottberks, Chargeman, and KerrillB on the First-To-Find!

Mission 5: The Hasslein Curve (GC3CRA2) - Released June 25, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: DinaWorks, Wheels00, Darth Leviosa, Michael Hosp, and early19713 on the First-To-Find!

Mission 6: Taylor (GC3CRA4) - Released July 20, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: Darth Leviosa, Drank, KodyDog00, Odyn, and Wheels00 on the First-To-Find!

Mission 7: Alpha-Omega (GC3CRA9) - Released August 31, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: ScottBerks, mgbmusic, Skuzzy13, spider16, Darth Leviosa, KeeganC, AKiteFlyer, Odyn, Drank, IrishCubsFan, ChargeMan, macwin11se, atarandson, sunshnface, kerrillb, and behmsquad on the First-To-Find!

Mission 8: Grape Juice+ (GC3CRAD) - Released September 8, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: amzahn, TJAMM, Darth Leviosa, psychovw, Team Darkseid, AKiteFlyer, Skuzzy13, early19713, SandyCheeks, spider16, Wheels00, Michael Hosp, sgauss, KodyDog00, BehmSquad, sunshnface, drank, Corp of Discovery, IrishCubsFan, kerrillb, G.O. John and Carol, Dutchlandian, macwin11se, Chargeman on the First-To-Find!

Active Outposts

A.P.E. Outpost Zira (GC3GBQ6) - Released April 21, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: DinaWorks, Wheels00, IrishCubsFan, Wheelz01, and Meg on the First-To-Find!

A.P.E. Outpost Cornelius (GC3QXH6) - Released April 21, 2012.
Congratulations to A.P.E. Explorers: sunshnface, TJAMM, amzahn, macwin11se, Darth Leviosa, psychovw, AKiteFlyer, spider16, Wheels00, sgauss, KodyDog00, behmsquad, drank, Corp of Discovery, IrishCubsFan, kerrillb, and Chargeman on the First-To-Find!

The Operation A.P.E. Mission Pathtag

By decree of The A.P.E. High Council, this special tag is available only to those intrepid A.P.E. explorers who complete all 12 geocaching missions of Operation A.P.E.!

All 12 Operation A.P.E. capsules are hidden in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and A.P.E. explorers must find, sign, and log all 12 A.P.E. capsules (as well as collect special artifacts) to be awarded this limited edition tag.

Due to requirements of the missions and the rare nature of this tag, it will not be available for trade from the Council.

—The A.P.E. High Council

The Operation A.P.E. Mission T-Shirt

Want an Operation A.P.E. T-Shirt just like the one Walt wears to the missions? Check out the A.P.E. store on CafePress!

The Operation A.P.E. Mission Buttons

Did you miss out retrieving one of the Operation A.P.E. mission buttons? Our human liaison will be making the buttons available for $1.00 each (in person) or $1.00 plus P&H (if you want them sent via snail mail) Contact him at
By participating in any of the Operation A.P.E. Geocaching hunts you proceed at your own risk. The Ape High Council is not responsible or liable for any injuries, losses or damages of any kind caused by or in connection with participation in or use of any materials or items whatsoever contained in the cache (i.e., the Operation A.P.E. capsule) relating to the Operation A.P.E. Geocaching hunts.
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